Misery Loves Company - 2019 Version

Submitted by jon on Thu, 05/30/2019 - 00:32

Written By

Jon Griffin
Judie Lynne Ram

Arranged By

Jon Griffin

Primary Music Style

Track Notes

An updated version. Slight melody changes and some seriously hot playing. Can we say Wurlitzer in 2019 and smokin' Nashville guitar?


Last call for the evenin’, closin’ time again
Let me buy you one more for the road.
Tell me ‘bout your sorrows and I’ll help relieve your pain
Cause I can tell that you’ve been hurtin’ too.
Misery Loves Company that’s why I’m here with you.
Together we could soak up all these blues.
Misery Loves Company and I don’t mind the misery,
as long as the company is you. 
You’ve been so warm and friendly, we’ve talked away out tears.
I was hopin’ I could take you home. 
I promise to be gentle and help you when I can.
Maybe we can start up something new.