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Children's Book of Christmas Carols

This is an updated and revised version of the classic  "A Childs Book of Christmas Carols."'

The music has been notated in modern style and now includes both chords and guitar parts. The lyrics have been added to the music and all extra verses have been added.

Cuban Masters Series - Piano

At last, you can take a lesson from a Cuban piano master. Emilio Morales, along with musicologist Jon Griffin, will guide you through the full array of Cuban styles. From traditional Cha-cha-chá and bolero to son moderno and timba. This book will show you actual examples of Cuban music, not just a bunch of exercises to practice.

Cuban Masters Series - The Cuban Tres

In this book, you will learn about the Cuban tres and how to play it correctly. This is an intermediate to advanced series, but even beginners can benefit.

Essentials of Cuban Hand Percussion

There are certain fundamentals that anyone playing Cuban music must understand. These go beyond clave and montuno.
You must learn about the role of hand percussion and how the singer phrases his melody and inspirations. Don’t skip over this material simply because you may feel that you don’t need to know it.

Guitar Chord Bible

768 Chords!

This book is for beginners and experts alike!

There is no need to read music!

It includes 4 versions of each of the chords used in rock and popular music for every key. From the common major, minor and seven chords, to the more obscure "jazz'; chords. They are all here in an easy to use format, sorted by key with easy reference tabs.

Official Retrospective Of Cuban Music

This 4 CD box set represents our desire to showcase a panorama of Cuban music. Almost all of these CD's contain never released music from all parts of Cuba, and represents the majority of Cuban genres of today and yesterday.