If I Had a Dime

Submitted by jon on Sat, 09/01/2018 - 22:11

Written By

Jon Griffin

Arranged By

Jon Griffin

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Track Notes

It features 3 guitars and I updated it with Cuban tres as well. It also has bass and drums of course and pedal steel guitar to add some twang.


Why do I love you when you treat me like you do
everybody wonders just what I see in you
Why can't I just walk out and tell you that we're through?
Cause when you finally get to lovin' me there ain't no one but you

If I had a penny for every time you cheated
If I had a nickel each time I was mistreated
If I had a dime every time you didn't care
Then honey, I'd be a multimillionaire

Why do I let you walk over me
Why can't I tell you to give me back the key
Why don't I change my number and then you couldn't call
Cause I'd rather love you now and then, then not love you at all


Instrumental (pedal steel solo)

Why do I let break my heart in two
Why do cry each night that I'm missing you
Why do I take you back when you play around
Cause when you finally get to lovin' me I'm the richest girl in town