MacOS Big Sur Compatibility for Musicians

Submitted by jon on Thu, 07/29/2021 - 07:50

This will be an ever changing list that will hopefully help you decide when to update MacOS Big Sur. I mainly put this here for myself to keep track, but feel free to let me know what other music software statuses are since I obviously don't have them all :)

Updated: July 20 2021

Notes: It seems that most plugins are ready, but you need to check for yourself. Kontakt 6 is ready to go, so I didn't list companies that are Kontakt related. Kontakt 5x won't work as far as I can tell.

DAW's etc


Studio One 4.6 No
Studio One 5.x Yes
Reaper 6.x Yes, beta support for ARM
Logic Yes, of course :)
Finale Yes
Dorico Yes
Notion Yes
Sibelius Yes
DAW and Notation Software Compatibility with MacOS Big Sur

VST's etc.

Overloud All are compatible (click link for update instructions)
Native Instruments Mostly (click link) Kontakt 6 works
D16 Appears not. Even Catalina needs workarounds.
Steinberg Not Sure, but they say some are but not with M1. Notable there are issues with interfaces, which I use (now appear to have security workarounds).
8 Dio Yes.
Melodyne 5.1 Yes
EastWest Yes, Intel only
Izotope Partial, click here to check
Sonnox Mostly
Plugin Alliance Yes
Output Kontakt plugins only, so yes.
Eventide Yes (as of Dec 18, 2020) and now on ARM and Windows 11
Waves Yes (as of Nov 25, 2020)
Line 6 No
Softube No
Audiority Mostly
Akai No
Positive Grid Yes
Fabfilter Yes
Metric Halo Yes
Universal Audio Yes
Spectrasonics Yes
Slate Digital Yes
Reason Studios Yes, with latest update
Arturia Yes
TB Pro Audio Yes
Initial Audio Yes, but check each product.
XLN Audio Yes (Except Addictive Trigger)
Cherry Audio Yes
Audified All our effects except AmpLion Pro are Big Sur compatible
SoundToys Yes, Intel only
UJam Yes, please read because updates may only work on Big Sur.
Applied Acoustics Yes (Per email from support), also complete M1 compatibility
VST Compatibility with MacOS Big Sur