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Rhyming Dictionary

Everyone can use a good rhyming dictionary. Here is one you can use online. Rhyme results are provided by Due to javascript issues (you can always allow this in your browser address bar), it may not work. Here is another option: http://w …

Posted by tresero on April 8, 2018

Collaborators Agreement For Songwriters

A Collaborators Agreement is a fundamental part of any songwriters toolbox. Almost every songwriter collaborates to some degree and the Collaborators Agreement is the easiest way to make sure that any contributions to a song are duly noted. It is also …

Posted by tresero on April 8, 2018

Jazz for Rock Guitarists – Kernel Chords

Transcript Hello.  This is Jon Griffin, and I am here today to talk about a concept that most rock guitars probably won’t know about.  If you’ve studied a lot of jazz you may be familiar.  But they’re called kernel chords.  At least that’s the way I wa …

Posted by tresero on April 1, 2018

When You Wish Upon a Star

I worked this little guitar arrangement of When You Wish Upon a Star for my friends son a few years ago. It’s not too difficult if you have some experience, but there are a few stretches and techniques you may need to practice. This is also a good exam …

Posted by tresero on March 29, 2018

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