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Song A Week Challenge - Week One 

Here is a cue I wrote. It's very traditional Cuban. Features Cuban tres, guitar, bass, congas, timbales, and trombone


One Song A Week

I've decided that nothing beats peer pressure and deadlines to get stuff done. Therefore, I'm going to release one song/cue a week for the next 52 weeks.

Rules I made up for myself:

1. It has to be a new…

Guantanamera – A Film by Tomas Gutierrez Alea 

Once in a while I will post something not music related. It is about Cuba though.

In the mid 1990’s, Cuba was deep into her special period. This special period was marked by shortage, disillusionment, and deep social change. Many…

Tumbao in G minor for Cuban tres and guitar

Many guitarists I've talked to want to know how to play tumbao on the guitar. Don't confuse montunos, which are a section of a tune, with tumbao. I created this for someone and decided to add the tres part as…


Sample Work For Hire Agreement

Here is a sample. Caveat, I'm not a lawyer.

When You Wish Upon a Star 

I worked this little guitar arrangement of When You Wish Upon a Star for my friends son a few years ago. It's not too difficult if you have some experience, but there are a few stretches and techniques you may…

Worst GIgs

Really 2 stories but one tour. 


On our way to a big tour in Mexico we got to the border at Nogales and the tour buses were supposed to meet us at 11 am. Well, this being Mexico, the…


Jazz for rock guitarists - Kernel Chords



This is Jon Griffin, and I am here today to talk about a concept that most rock guitars probably won't know about.  If you've studied a lot of jazz you may be familiar.  But they're called kernel chords…