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Video without audio is so 1920’s. You need intros, outros, stingers & underscores. If you really want your project to stand out, you should contact someone who knows how to write music for the media (hint, contact me), and get a custom track. They can be made for almost any budget, and the audio will be yours.

If you really can’t afford the services of a professional, your next best bet is to use royalty free music. Royalty free music can vary in quality, but since it is being sold, or given away, to many people, the price will be significantly less.

One other trick is to use royalty free music for part or most of your project and get some custom music for important parts. Here are some royalty free options for you to check out, some of them free (my gift to you).

I am getting my music life back together and have decided to release some royalty free music for free. I have created a selection of short music clips in different styles, perfect for backgrounds, stingers, and intros and outros.

Please note: These are all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless noted.

I am also available for hire. Contact me here.

Royalty Free Music Collection 1


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