Rock and Roll Hill

By: Jon Griffin

Arranged By: Jon Griffin

Style(s): Rock


Matt S

Freddie K

Jon Griffin
Guitars, Bass, Organ


The living legends of those who jammed
Now belong to another land
Immortals of stage who gave from the heart
They lived and died for rock and roll

Many are gone but they’re songs live on
They now lay still on Rock and Roll Hill
Rock and Roll Hill is the land of legends
Rock and Roll Hill it’s a rock and rollers heaven

The rebels of rock, true warriors of song
Spoke out for freedom and soldiers still gone
Aware of their times, truth was their quest
Musicians of mind, they are now laid to rest


In a sacred canyon an eagle flies
For rock and roll will never die
So let us remember the bands of the past
Pioneers of rock, the first and the last

© Jon Griffin