Guitar Chord Bible

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768 Chords!

This book is for beginners and experts alike!

There is no need to read music!

It includes 4 versions of each of the chords used in rock and popular music for every key. From the common major, minor and seven chords, to the more obscure “jazz’; chords. They are all here in an easy to use format, sorted by key with easy reference tabs.

Included are the following chord types:
Major chords – Major, sus4, 6, 6/9, maj7, maj9
Minor Chords – Minor, min6, min7, m(maj7), m9, m11,m7b5, diminished
Dominant Chords – 7, 7sus4

All guitar players need to learn many different chords. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned pro, you may run across chords you don’t know.