Blonde Claves (Virtual Instrument)

Cuban Claves - Kontakt Instrument

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This is a simple sample of some blonde claves I got in Havana (I have many sets, from there, I’ll sample more time permitting.)

I originally sampled these just for fun and to have some different sounding claves for mockups. There are four crossfaded velocity layers. Nothing else. 

You can hear a demo here: 

From my Cuban music website

The claves are a musical instrument of Cuban origin and are classified as a member of percussion family. The instrument is comprised of two separate wooden sticks that are cylindrical in shape. To play the instrument simply strike one stick against the other. The most reliable source of information on the origin of the claves is attributed to Fernando Ortiz and his work, “La clave xilofónica de la música cubana” (”The Xylophone-style Clave of Cuban Music,” which identifies the origin of the claves to the docks where ships were repaired and constructed in Havana during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The first use of these wooden pegs as musical instruments occurred on the docks and shipyards of Havana where they were used to accompany the songs of Hispanic or Africans dock workers. Since its inception in the music, the claves functioned like rhythmic guides of the song. They began by organizing the rhythmic accompaniment of the music-which, of course, lacked the metric code (or time signature) that suggested how the music was written and to be played.

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