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Welcome to GigaSamples Archives!

Free Samples for Musicians

Since the demise of both Worras place and GigaStudio, I thought I would move all the samples to here.

Please feel free to add comments and if you want to send some samples that are not listed here, please let me know. I only require that the license for each sample is included to prevent any confusion.

As far as I know, these are all free as in beer, and free as in usage. Basically, you can do what you want with them. In some cases the only requirement is for you to credit the creator of the gig file.

It would be great to credit this site as well.

Here it is. All the original giga samples in one convenient download. (Note, There may be more added to the site that aren’t included here, and any Kontakt instruments are also not included. They will be separate downloads.)

PLEASE NOTE. These are gigasamples. They can be used in other VST’s like Kontakt, but they are gigasamples. If you are expecting a VST or NKI file, please don’t get them.

More than 125 gigasamples for your collection.

  • Atmosphere
  • Bass
  • Bells
  • Brass
  • Choir
  • Ethnic Instruments
  • Guitars
  • Loops
  • Miscellaneous Instruments
  • Oldies
  • Organ
  • Pads
  • Percussion
  • Pianos
  • Solo Synths
  • Woodwinds

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