Collaborators Agreement

A Collaborators Agreement is a fundamental part of any songwriters toolbox.

Almost every songwriter collaborates to some degree and the Collaborators Agreement is the easiest way to make sure that any contributions to a song are duly noted. It is also important to have a document that spells out what happens if you or your co-writer can’t be found, or you decide to add some foreign language lyrics and etc.

A collaborators agreement will help eliminate these issues, and makes working with your partner(s) more productive. You will spell out the common terms of your collaboration and can get on with the more fun aspects of the business; writing songs!

Please note, the following Collaborators Agreement is a sample. You agree to hold harmless Jon Griffin for any claims you may have regarding this sample Collaborators Agreement.

This agreement is entered into on DATE , for the purpose of jointly writing a song now entitled: TITLE

We the undersigned, agree to collaborate in writing the aforementioned song with the followingunderstanding, to which we agree:
1. We agree that no expenses shall be incurred in the preparation or presentation of this song without our unanimous consent.

2. We agree that if expenses are incurred, each of the writers shall be responsible for a percentage of the expense. That percentage shall be in the same proportion of net profits to which each writer is entitled.

3. We agree to divide any and all net profit we may receive from the sale or promotion of this song in the following percent proportions:

Writer 1
50%(% share)
(writer)50%(% share)
(writer)0%(% share)
(writer)0%(% share)

4. We agree that if, at any time before this song is placed with a publisher, producer or similar song promoter, any writer is dissatisfied with the collaboration on this song for whatever reason, he/she may withdraw his/her collaborative contribution freely, provided that he/she shall have no claim toor rights in any subsequent collaboration on this song.

5. We agree that this collaboration has no effect on any collaborative effort other than on this song.

6. All the writers further agree that all writers (and their representatives) are granted full power of attorney to assign any and all rights, grant any licenses, or any other unforeseen legal matter related to this collaboration in the event that one or more of the collaborators are unavailable to give approval for any period longer than 30 days.

7. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the present contract shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said rules.

Name 1
Name 3
name 4

Here is a downloadable Collaborators Agreement that  you can fill out.


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