A Foggy Day

Submitted by jon on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 13:28

Written By

Ira Gershwin

Arranged By

Jon Griffin

Primary Music Style




Jiovanni Cofiño - Bass

Emilio Vega - Keyboards

Enrique Pla - Drums

Alfredo Thompson - Tenor Sax

Cesar Lopez - Alto Sax, Scat Vocal

Roberto Garcia - Trumpet

Eulices Benavides - Trombone

Carlos Enrique Rodriguez Palacios - Congas

Track Notes

This was recorded in ICIAC Studios in Havana Cuba on April 15, 1999. I was lucky to get some of the greatest latin jazz players in the world on this including many of Irakere's greats (Enrique Pla, Cesar Lopez, Alfredo Thompson). I also had two more of my go to players, the great Jiovanni Cofiño and Emilio Vega without whom, this would not have been nearly as good.

Also features a fantastic drum sold by Enrique Pla. A truly historic recording.

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