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Written By

Rafael Hernández Marín

Arranged By

Jon Griffin

Primary Music Style

Other Music Style




Jon Griffin - Cuban tres and Guitar

Jiovanni Cofiño - Bass, Coro

Emilio Vega - Piano

Roberto Vizcaino Guillot - Congas

Yosvanny Terry - Alto Sax

Mario Fernández (El Indio) - Trumpet

Yunior Terry - Violin  

Jose Antonio Rodriguez - Vocals, Coro

Track Notes

In this tune I wanted to mix some styles up. It includes Mozambique, Songo, Son, and Cha-cha-chá. 

It was recorded at ICIAC on March 11, 1997. Again, this was recorded with some of the greatest players in Cuba at the time from Irakere, Moncada, Roberto Carcasses, among others.