Back Home to My Love

Submitted by jon on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 19:48

Written By

Jon Griffin

Arranged By

Jon Griffin

Primary Music Style



Jon Griffin - Guitars, Linn 9000. Voz

Judie Haymes - BG Voz



Wake up in the mornin’ got a cool breeze in my hair

Workin’ in the city you know I hate to go down there

Sittin’ in my office doing eight to five

Waitin' for that five o'clock chime


Headin’ back home to my love

Back home to you

Headin’ back home to my love

Back home to you


Goin’ to the city seems to take all my time

Swarms of people everywhere, pollution and the crime

Dreamin’ of you whenever I’ve got the time

Just waitin’ for that five o’clock chime

Guitar Solo


Every morning when the sun is rising, drivin’ down the road

I think of evening when I’ll be heading back home to you


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